Welcome to the Power of KGHI 91.1 FM and KGHE 89.1 FM

The power is our people – a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to providing a community based public radio station that broadcasts information, arts, education and entertainment for the central Washington coast. Our programming promotes democracy and social justice.

Local, relevant, diverse production – Our programming, guided by the principles of station’s mission, will attempt to give voice to the under-represented and under-served populations within our listening area.

Emergency Preparedness Communications – Our stations will have an “always-on” uninterruptible power (UPS) backup power system to make sure that we are available to our listeners even if the power is out in our area. This will allow us to provide you with critical emergency information.

Quality Radio with A Quality Signal – Our station will provide quality FM radio with a stable FM signal that will ultimately cover the Harbor and as much of Grays Harbor as will be allowed by FCC regulations.